Demistifier 2000 Series

Source Control Isolation System
Barrier and negative pressure isolation are the best defense hospitals have to help prevent the spread of infectious disease in the hospital setting. Suspected patients can be place under a negative pressure vinyl barrier canopy in the Emergency Department at point of entry to the hospital. This helps with preventing unintentional patient contact and with airborne pathogens that may be present. The air inside the canopy is drawn through a three stage HEPA filter system before it returns to the ambient air supply. Patients can remain comfortably under the canopy while their condition is accessed.

The Demistifier 2000 system offers highly portable; cost effective; easy to use system for dealing with patient surge during difficult situations. Please take the time to view the brochure and see some of the links available. Additional information is available by contacting Peace Medical.

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Demistifier 2000A with 2001 Chair Canopy

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