PAC RAC Storage Systems

The PAC RAC system of storage helps to organize the many items needed for patient care. PAC RACs are convenient and save time by reducing clutter and managing the work area. PAC RACs are sturdy steel construction and powder coated to prevent rusting. The open basket styling of these racks resist the collection of dust and debris, an important feature for hospital applications.

All PAC RACs are an attractive almond color and are offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fill most any requirement.

View Brochure for more information about these PAC RAC products

  • Glove Box Holders - See page 2 of PDF brochure

  • URI HAT Holder - See page 3 of PDF brochure

  • Bed Pan Holders - See page 4 of PDF brochure

  • Nurse Call, TV Remote Holders - See page 4 of PDF brochure

  • Urinal Bottle Holders - See page 5 of PDF brochure

  • Patient Phone Holder - See page 5 of PDF brochure

  • Universal Precaution Baskets - See page 6 of PDF brochure

  • File Binder Holder - See page 7 of PDF brochure

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Pac Rac Storage Systems

Convenient and Orderly Storage for Health Care Supplies and Equipment

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